Monday, May 9, 2011 Reading at Skylight Books, Los Angeles
Wednesday, May 11, 7pm PST Talking 'bout sex on Edge Radio
May 23 - 31, 2011 In New York for The Lambda Literary Awaards

Jallen Rix has put audiences at ease since his youth, as a professional singer/songwriter. Hearing him speak is like experiencing a performance piece. Jallen works across the stage engaging the audience, connecting with eye-contact, using interactive techniques, music and multi-media. Dr. Rix can custom-tailor his subject matter in a variety of formats -- one-day workshops, weekend retreats, on-going classes, small group discussions, and key-note addresses. He can comprehensively and humorously address a wide range of sexual topics. Here are just a few:

Ex-Gay? No Way!
A Sexologist Reflects on Surviving and Recovering from the Ex-gay Movement.

A Truly Spiritual Experience: Sex
Although hard to believe in this day and age, sexuality and spirituality are long-time companions.

Crystal Meth and Sex
Rediscovering sexuality after the devastating effects of speed addiction.

Sex -- Just Say, "Talk About It!"
Sex education doesn't make anyone a mind-reader. Communication is essential for healthy, responsible and enjoyable sexuality.

Is Abstinence Really Educating?
The government continues to use millions of our dollars to fund "Abstinence-only Education," while yet another independent study has found the program ineffective. In fact, it may be putting kids at risk.